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Shell Line
  Species List: 

    We have the capabilities to provide almost any southern California marine species that you might want to fulfill your needs. The following list is a small sample of the more common items. Some of these species require the holder to have on file a valid scientific collecting permit. 

Sea Hare

Shell Porifera: Various

Shell Cnidaria: Various
Anthopleura elegantissima (Sea Anemone)

Shell Platyhelminthes: Various

Shell Annelida: Various
 Polychaeta (various collection) 
Diopatra splendidissima 

Phragmatopoma californica

Shell Mollusca: Various
 Aplysia californica (Sea Hare) 

Bulla gouldiana (Bubble Snail) 

Norrisia norrisi 

Aquacultured Haliotis fulgens (sm) (Green Abolone)

Shell Bryozoa: Various

Shell Arthropoda: Various
 Pagurus sp. (Hermit Crab) 

Pachygrapsus sp. (Shore Crab) 

Cancer sp. (Rock Crab) 

Emeriata analoga (Sand Crab)

Shell Brachiopoda
Class Inarticulata 

Class Articulata

Shell Echinodermata: Various
 Lytechinus pictus (Whie Sea Urchin) 

Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (Purple Sea Urchin) (Wet Pak) 

Pisaster sp. 

Astropecten verrilli (Sand Star) 

Dendraster excentricus (Sand Dollar)

Shell Urochordata: Various
 Styela clava & plicata (Sea Squirt)

Shell Algae: Various

Shell General Kits
General invertebrate collection 

Design your own invertebrate collection 

Sea urchin fertilization lab kit 

Algae collection 

See the crab?
    Please call or e-mail for quotes. Price and availability are subject to change without notice. Terms: Net 30 from date of invoice, F.O.B. shipping point. 
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